New Years Resolutions.......creating disappointments globally.

New Years Resolutions.......creating disappointments globally.

New Years Resolutions….not for me.

Look, I am all for fresh starts. I love a pinch and a punch, a new season is always incredible and a new year………amazeballs.

The dreaming about what could happen over the next 365 days, the motivation of a new beginning and a realisation that the silly season is finally coming to an end all combined equal a very excited Wonder Woman.

New Year’s Resolutions though, in my opinion, are a big fat waste of time.

In my own experience a New Year’s Resolution lasts approximately 9 hours and results in guilt and shame and rebound self-punishment. We spend so much time focusing on what we haven’t achieved that we forget what we have.

Maybe it’s just me but I have been known to forget that I swore off lollies or carbs after 5pm or daily exercise goals when they have been made out of disgust.

When I have been so unhappy with the way I look or feel that I make a spur of the moment decision about how to fix it. Insert New Year’s Resolution here and watch me crash and burn.

When the reason for wanting to change is powerful enough, nothing can stop you. When the pain is so real that it consumes you. It doesn’t matter what the day is. There is no reason you can’t do one thing today to make yourself healthier.

Christmas is a really difficult time to stick to your health goals. There is so much food and chocolate and alcohol and leftovers.

Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to eat it. It’s not the first time and defiantly won’t be the last time you can eat those Christmas goodies.

No doubt just like me you have been eating A LOT over the past week. Now I normally eat a lot but it’s a lot of beautifully nourishing food that gives my body everything it deserves!

I am so attuned to my body these days, I have really noticed the impact of feeding it way too many sometimes foods. I would have never noticed a few years ago, but it really effects my mood and digestion and overall vitality. Yesterday I was so tired and cranky and my poor hubby copped the brunt of it. It’s totally a combination of lack of sleep, excess alcohol and not so nourishing food that rally put me in a spin.

Sorry darling. xx

When we don’t eat food jam packed with nutrients our body just doesn’t work the way it should. We feel lethargic, our digestion is all F&$%^% up and it doesn’t repair itself the way it’s supposed to.

So many diseases are linked to dietary choices. Your body is amazing enough to be able to forgive you for the occasional overindulgent event but when you consistently eat these types of foods, really, it’s only a matter of time. When Christmas eating patterns were really just an extension of my daily habits, it’s no wonder I was overweight, miserable and felt pretty ordinary most of the time.

So, for me 2017 is a new year of opportunities.

I will see my baby go to big school, work hard to watch my business grow, and keep on keeping on making my health a number one priority.

I will eat to nourish my body (most of the time), enjoy the odd glass (or two) of bubble and when everything else goes to shit I will be grateful for what I have.

I don’t need to make any New Year’s Resolutions because I am already living them.

So all you amazing Wonder Women and Wonder Men out there, please don’t think of your health goals as having an end date.

Don’t fall in that trap of I’m dieting to get to x weight or x event.

Choose amazing nourishing food because you value your health not because you want to get skinny.

The sooner you get off the dieting, calories, deprivation bandwagon the sooner you can focus on living your most beautiful, healthy life. And boy does it feel good.

It's not too late to get yourself a copy of my Silly Season Survival Guide. Christmas without Regrets is all about getting you through the silly season without guilt and shame and everything that goes along with it. You can grab a copy here

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