The biggest predictor of your health is on your fork

The biggest predictor of your health is on your fork

What is the most powerful drug available today?


Food is information. It's not just energy to keep us alive.

Quite simply your food choices programme your body with messages of health or disease. Nutrigenomics is the study of how food effects our genes particularly in relation to prevention and treatment of disease. We know that food essentially talks to our DNA and has the ability to turn on or off certain genes that lead to chronic illness. A strong family history of heart disease for example can be overcome with healthy lifestyle choices. 

Modern medicine is so focused on symptom control that very rarely is the 'why' considered. Why does this patient have hypertension, why does this person have insulin resistance or diabetes. Sure we have medications and procedures to deal with chronic illness but the focus is never on actually fixing the problem, which more often than not is food.

The typical Aussie diet has become the quick and easy option for busy families and fussy eaters. I mean who has time to spend hours on food prep anymore? Just open a packet or a can or the freezer and you can have a meal on the table in less than 20 minutes. This is true, so long as your happy to slowly but surely create disease processes in your body. The food industry has a lot to answer for. Advertising, false claims and what they don't know won't hurt them is actually really hurting you. When it's cheaper to buy yourself a big mac meal than a salad, Kale is not always going to take the win. 

Now lets just be clear, I am not talking about choosing an ice cream once a fortnight or going out for pizza on the ODD occasion. I am talking about the consistent, highly processed diet that has became frightfully normal. I believe there is room for everything in your diet. The caveat is, you need to spend 95% of the time nourishing and 5% eating.

Fussy eaters are programmed to be that way. As adults we don't eat the food that tastes bad to us. Why would kids be any different. When their taste buds and receptors are used to high sugar, high salt food, high trans fat foods, veggies are strangely not so appealing. You can totally retrain your kids taste buds, just like you can retrain your own. We all want the best for our kids and the food you bring into your home day to day is going to have a huge impact on their health today and long term. 

It's up to all of us to take back some responsibility for our own health. It's not about relying on our amazing health system to 'fix' us when we're broken from poor food choices. Taking our health into our own hands is very very powerful. You can heal your own body with the right food. 

I often think about when 'healthy eating' became a thing. I find myself saying far too often 'No, i'm not on a diet, this is food.' This is what my body needs to work the way it's supposed to. It's about self respect and self care. Is it harder to plan and shop and prepare beautiful nourishing food? Sometimes, especially if you haven't done it in a while or ever. But I can tell you being overweight with chronic disease is much much harder. 

Everyday food choices determine your health. I'll ask you though, what have you got if you haven't got your health?

It's all good and well to know what to do but actually doing it can be really tricky. We know we shouldn't eat a block of choccy or get the large chips or drink that habitual wine every night but we do. Why is that?

Wonder Woman Method is all about the why. Why we know what to do and still don't do it. Why we know we should move our body but just don't have the time/energy/right gym gear. I can help you with that.

I can sift though all the conflicting information, bust the diet myths and find what is going to work for you. I can help you discover why you just can't seem to keep the weight off long term. Above everything else I can help you look in the mirror and love what you see looking back at you.

Why on earth would you spend your precious time and energy on something you despise?

If you would like to know more about how I might be able to help you, click the button below. If you have been wondering about whether this Wonder Woman Method thing is for you, get in touch. I want you to live your healthiest life and I know how to get you there!

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