When caffeine is actually not your friend

When caffeine is actually not your friend

When the 3pm slump hits, one of the worst things you can do for your energy levels is load up on caffeine or highly processed bars and snacks.

Sure a flat white or a mars bar will give you a short burst of energy but you will be dragging an even heavier chain in no time at all. Rather than a spike in blood sugar, you want something to give you a nice gentle up curve to keep you running till dinner time.

Now, lets be clear, I love my morning coffee. I love the ritual and I love the taste but I am also very aware that I will feel much MORE tired come the afternoon if I have had more than 1 coffee. Coffee not only spikes your blood sugar level but can also wreak havoc on your cortisol levels. Who needs to feel more stressed and jittery? Not me!!

Today when my brain wanted caffeine instead I treated it with Paw paw sprinkled with 1/4 cup Pumpkin seeds.

Paw paw is one of those fruits that until recently I couldn't stand. I remember eating it as a kid and absolutely hating the taste. But, just like my taste buds changed for red wine, they changed for paw paw also. I tried it again after 20 years of hating it and I actually really like it now.

So high in Vitamin C and fibre. Just what i need to fend off nasty cold and flu bugs.

Pumpkin seeds (or Pepitas) are amazing and if you don't already.... get these guys into your life.

My 1/4 cup serve today gave me;

A solid dose of tryptophan which coverts to serotonin (one of our happy hormones) and has a beneficial effect on mood, anxiety and stress levels and your sleep! Yes please!

Almost 50% of my daily magnesium requirements. Something many of us run around deficient in.

23% of daily Zinc requirements which helps with carbohydrate metabolism, production of hormones and a strong immune system.

Around 16% of my daily iron needs.

Protein, healthy omega 3 fats, fibre and so much more!

Oh and they are de-freaken-liscious. Also a great nut replacement for nut free bliss balls for the little ones lunch boxes.

Is there a fruit or veg that you just cannot stand? I challenge you to give it another go. If you still don't like it, so be it but it could be just a story from your past. 

Even hotter than a perky bum.....

Even hotter than a perky bum.....

The biggest predictor of your health is on your fork

The biggest predictor of your health is on your fork