Even hotter than a perky bum.....

Even hotter than a perky bum.....

After a lifetime wishing it was smaller, desperate for it to look different, to look better…..I now love my bum.

It’s round and firm and strong. It’s big and bold and vivacious!

Vain? Self obsessed? Egotistical? Not even a little bit, I'm just letting my light shine. What good is it to play small. In my opinion, it's far more self centred to be trapped by hating the way I look. Letting the way I look guide my decisions in life. How long have I avoided thinking anything positive about my body, let alone talking about it.

Now for the record, I work really hard on my bum. Consciously work on keeping it sensational. Diamonds are made under pressure which is exactly how I choose to train. You guys know I love my exercise. It’s part of my self care. I love how strong I feel doing it. I love pushing through the mental barriers of it being too hard and that sense of achievement when I am done. I love the endorphins, I love dripping with sweat. I love the child free time, I love knowing I have rewarded my body and I love feeling and looking fit.

But what I have figured out is even hotter than the way my butt looks, is that I unapologetically sing it’s praises. I am it's biggest cheer leader (well actually probably second biggest, love you Toddy xx) and not ashamed to admit it! I choose to love the way I look. I choose to see my beauty.

You might not like my bum, maybe you do. The way you feel about my bum makes absolutely no difference to the way I think about it. It’s MY jeans that hug them. MY body that gets carried by them and MY kids they chase and jump on the trampoline with.

The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think.

I used to associate my extra fat to how worthy I was for good things, for relationships, for happiness, for my success in life. When I think about how I used to want to make my bum smaller. It was never for me, it was always for someone else. Someone I wanted to think I was attractive or so I wasn’t embarrassed to buy that size 16/18/20. The problem with people pleasing is that it’s usually done at the expense of you. Who the f*^k cares what your neighbour, colleague, stranger in the supermarket thinks about how you look. You are never going to feel worthy if it's based off what other people think of you. It really is only what you think that makes or breaks body image.

Self love is the greatest middle finger of all time.

Where has people pleasing got you in the past? Made you resentful? Frustrated? Feeling empty? And to clarify, people pleasing is very different to serving your community, when you give back to the universe. Something I think is vital for lighting your spirit. 

I want you to think about this. When you look at someone and think they are smoking hot, or overweight or have a beautiful smile or a wonky nose what happens next……nothing. You think it and move on. Absolutely nothing happens on the back of your thought. Same goes for what people think about you. It makes absolutely no difference to you, to the beautiful, brave, unique creature that you are.

I am all for you wanting to create your perfect body. I guess the difference is I know you already have the perfect body, even with a bit of extra tummy or chin or insert ‘problem area’ here. You are not broken, you do not need to be fixed. Focus on health not skinny. Focus on health not perfection and watch the magic unfold. Do it for you, you are so worth the effort.

Self-confidence is hottest best outfit. Rock it, shake it, own it.

If you struggle with body image and self love, come and do my free 2 Weeks to Wonder Woman Challenge. 2 weeks to give you tools to fall in love with a body you despise and feel like the Wonder Woman you are.

We kick off May 1st.

Excited is an understatement!!

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