Weight loss plateaus……more than just a complete pain in the a!

Weight loss plateaus……more than just a complete pain in the a!

If you have ever tried losing weight you will probably know how infuriating a weight loss plateau is.

But have you ever actually thought about what they are or why they happen? I hadn’t either, it was always just an indication of my inadequate body, or so i thought.

You are tracking calories religiously, counting every tiny mouthful. Each bite, lick & smell are counted, except those sneaky licorice bullets you ate really fast behind the pantry door when no one was watching…surely THEY don’t count.

Then it's the moment of truth.....have you succeeded or failed on those scales? 

What! 0.2kg up! How is that possible, I have hardly eaten all week and I have done 4 extra spin classes!

I remember having many plateaus over the years. After all I did lose and gain 30kg 3 times. I would be on such a roll, watching those number fall quickly at first then more slowly as I hit the 10kg then 20kg then 30kg mark.

As they slowed I would become more and more frustrated and become more rigid with my eating behaviour because if I just hang on and work that ‘will power’ muscle, eventually my hard work will be rewarded right?

Eventually, all that time wasted on counting calories & then balancing them with exercise to ensure I was always in a deficit would be worth it, right?

Eventually, I would get a place where I would be able to not diet anymore, where I could just live and be and eat and not obsess about food and calories and diets and eventually I would be happy with the way my body looks……right?

Eventually, if I could just get my sit together and not be such a failure at eating, all this energy could be put to better use, right?


Diet culture is designed to keep you continuously coming back for more. Lots of people have made no small fortune by promising you weight loss. By selling you your own flaws, by telling you that you too could lose 20 kg in just 4 short months because bikini body season is right around the corner.

A plateau is really your bodies way of saying hey lady….enough is enough. I don’t like this anymore and I’m concerned that we are going to have a problem if I don’t get some more food.

When you persist with that ‘will power’ (the term still gives me shudders), sure you might break the plateau, for a little while until the next extreme leaves you eating virtually nothing. And for what? A six pack?

The human body is not designed to work at a constant calorie deficit. That body of yours is so incredible, it will do what it needs to do to keep you alive. It will in it’s own magical way declare enough is enough and stop using fat for fuel if it detects there will be an ongoing famine.

Starvation does some cra cra things to your body. Initially, you may lose fat for energy with a significant calorie deficit but after prolonged starvation, your body will switch to burning hungry lean muscle and leave the fat for a rainy day. This means even if the numbers still drop, you are left with a higher body fat % and a lower resting metabolic rate, meaning your body then needs less fuel to operate day to day. It also messes with your hormone regulation. Leptin & ghrelin are your hungry & satiety hormones, starvation throws these guys out of whack which is one of the reasons why all you can think about it food. For all those years, I tried to control my calories, but really all that happened was that they controlled me.

Diet culture has made calories a bad thing. Many of us strive to eat as few calories as possible to keep our bodies lean. Why do we want to be lean? We have been conditioned to think this is how we are supposed to look. Calories are not evil, we need calories to survive. We need energy to burn so all our organs work efficiently, so we can repair ourselves and fight infections. So we can chase our littlest monkeys and walk along the beach with our loved ones. So we can swim, and surf & play.

Calories are not something to be afraid of & being lean at the cost of those things just doesn’t seem worth it to me. It just not as simple as calories in vs calories out anyway. Food is much more than just energy, food is information.

I am all for health. I am all for nourishing my body and giving it what it needs to be the kick ass, happy, healthy Wonder Woman that I am. To let it run & jump & adventure & live at 100%. I am also for chocolate & hot chips and champagne and they are regular contributors to my diet but I know if I eat them all the time, my body doesn’t work as well and I can’t do the things I want to do, that make me feel good.

When I gave up dieting 2 years ago, I started eating way more than I ever had. My body got itself into a rhythm, I lost some weight and gained some weight and have come to a happy medium. I have never been happier with my body & comfortable in my own skin and I know a huge part of that was giving away diets for good! I mean really, who can be bothered with all that effort especially since it doesn’t work long term.

If this sounds all too good to be true, book in a free Health Discovery Session with me and see if my Method of healing your relationship with food, exercise & your body is right for you.

I am not selling you weight loss, there are thousands of empty promises already. I am selling you weight & food freedom, learning to lead your health improvements from place of love & respect & finally uncover that Wonder Woman who is busting to get out!

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