The day I realised it was never about the Tim Tams

The day I realised it was never about the Tim Tams

Ahhhhh Tim Tams…..

Has there ever been a more magnificent biscuit? Honey Jumbles are definitely up there but still no competition to the chocolate biscuit queen.

They have always been one of those things that I just couldn’t have in the house because eating a whole packet of double coated goodness was like child's’ play for me. 

The day I (once again) got swept up in a 2 for 1 deal at Coles but didn’t eat a single Tim Tam, not one, I realised something huge had shifted in me. 

That day was about 4 months into getting my own Health Coach and for the first time since I was in primary school I didn’t have the underlying, overwhelming urge to eat everything that crossed my path.

I had previously been either dieting & restricting, or ‘off the wagon’ with my food. I never found a happy medium where I could just live and be and not obsess about food one way or another.

One of the many incredible things I learnt with my Health Coach was the concept of Primary & Secondary Foods.

Primary foods are all the things in your life, that nourish you, that you don’t eat. So….



        Spirituality &


Your Secondary food, is the actual food you eat to nourish you.

The thing is, if your Primary Foods are not nourishing you, it doesn’t matter what you do or don’t eat, you will always be ‘hungry’ for more. You can eat as much Kale as you want but it's not going to answer all your prayers.

You will never feel satisfied or peaceful within yourself while there is an imbalance of the juicy stuff. The stuff that makes you tick.

I finally realised that devouring that packet of Tim Tams had nothing to do with the chocolate. I had always had a sweet tooth, and not a lot of will power and that had always been what I thought was the reason I couldn’t stop at one biscuit.

But it wasn’t.

I still have a sweet tooth and I still have no will power but I don’t need to binge eat anymore.


My primary foods are nourished now, and far out does it make the world of difference. 

For me at that particular time, I was miserable. I was tired with a one year old and two year old, but guilty that I was miserable with two healthy kids. I felt stuck in a carer that I didn’t love and would dread going to, even if it was only one day per week. I really had no spiritual practices in my life at all and I was in a bit of a rut in the most important relationship in my life. I dreaded the thought of having sex with my hubby because I felt so unhappy with my body.

The only thing being nourished for from those Primary foods was exercise, which to this day is my favourite form of self care and a high priority for me most days.

After I started nourishing all those other Primary foods, I just lost the urge to eat Tim Tams by the packet load. I love chocolate. It’s still a regular part of my diet, it just doesn’t have power over me anymore.

I am now building a career doing what I believe is my purpose and my relationship seems to get stronger and more connected with each year. And yes… life is banging..…pun intended. I have incorporated spirituality into my life which is really just about what lights my spirit up.

I still have a chuckle when I think about the look on my husbands face that night a few years ago. He presents me with an open packet of double coated goodness, I look up at him and say “actually honey…I’m good”.

Because....It was never really about the Tim Tams.

Would you like to learn how to heal your relationship with food? I can help. I healed my own battles with food and then became a certified health coach to help you do the same.

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